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September 30, 2015
FW2015 Inspiration

Inspiration for a collection doesn't always come easily!

This time, it came from The Getty Museum is Los Angeles.

I went in August and instantly fell in love.

I got so inspired looking at all the gorgeous Greek artifacts....

that I decided that was where I wanted my collection to go!

Here are some of my favorites ♥

The Getty Museum

I have always had a thing for major patina!!!

The older the better.

bohemian jewelry inspiration

The left side was under the ocean for hundreds of years.

black and white tiles

I have been having a thing about mod lately... so this black and white tile made me want to make some

intriguing 1960's style necklaces and earrings.

ancient beads

I want these beads SO bad!!!

really vintage jewelry

SO into the clear beads!  Tried to find some large vintage lucite ones, but lucked out:(

artisan jewelry inspirations

I can't even...

opal locket necklace

This was the inspiration for my delicate opal locket necklaces I made for the FW2015 Collection.

mosaic bead necklaces

I tried to find mosaic beads for necklaces, but failed again lol.

vintage beads

These are amazing.  Want.


Reminds me of the 1960's necklaces made with African trade beads and leather.

Wish I still had mine my Mom gave me:(

amazing art

Yes yes and YES.

boho necklace inspiration

boho jewelry inspiration

Those big beads are the bomb.

eclectic artisan jewelry

Beyond words.

boho style


bohemian jewelry

I love the colors and hope to bring them into this collection.

greek jewelry

Super excited about the launch!

It might be awhile...

I have a lot of upcoming shows and events to do:)


till next time


September 11, 2015
Fall Inspiration

Fall is hopefully just around the corner!

Us, Southern California peeps, have been sweating our asses off

in MAJOR humidity and heat.

It was 103, here in Long Beach the other day...

I felt like I was in a sweaty sauna!!!

I have listed (on Etsy) some perfect staples for your fall wardrobes ♥♥♥

vintage black romper 

This vintage black romper has amazingly charming details.

This would be super perfect with some knee high socks and boots~

vintage black pencil skirt

Sleek 1990's vintage black pencil skirt is an essential for fall!

Paired with a 1970's copper tassel necklace and 1950's mink hat... ( both available on Etsy too!)

Tassels are HUGE this season... open up any magazine to see for yourself :)

I have been obsessed with 1940's and 50's hats for awhile, and have quite a large personal collection.

I will wear them with absolutely anything and everything!!!

1950s velvet circle skirt

I am OBSESSED with this 1950's velvet skirt.

Of course, I added the tassel necklace again...

it goes with everything!!!

1950s mink hat and 1970s tassel necklace

Here is a REALLY close ( too close lol ) picture of the tassel necklace and mink hat.

bohemian angel sleeve 1970's dress

Nothing beats a 1970's bohemian maxi dress!

I love long Stevie Nick's angel sleeves!!! .....

although sometimes it makes cooking pretty difficult!

vintage India Batik print dress

Um... I am not sure if I want to sell this lol...

so PLEASE purchase ASAP if you like it, hahahaha...

I can't promise it will stick around.

It is a very warm dress...

so thinking of it right now makes me miserable lol.

vintage high waisted jeans

I had a hell of a time fitting into these tiny ass high waisted jeans!

It was so HOT the day I set up my little fashion shoot too...

( I prop the laundry room door open... set my camera on a tripod... click the 12 second timer...

run and pose... hoping no neighbors walk in because I am blocking the walk way....

and look like a complete nerd....


Peeling these back off was also quite an adventure.

I don't think I am breathing in this picture lol.

vintage cadoro bracelet with glass cabochons

I mean... how GORGEOUS is this vintage Cadoro bracelet????

It seriously makes me giddy.

Buy this too before I keep it.


Happy Fall Shopping all you lovely ladies!

till next time




P.S.  I know I promised the AW2015 inspiration blog next...


I just bought my ingredients so wanted to add them in :)


August 28, 2015
Summer 2015

So I promised to blog more often, but epically failed!

I have had such a blast this summer though:)

First, I was on the road to Glendale, AZ...

to visit my man's family back at the beginning of July♥

desert inspiration

Driving through the deserts of AZ and CA is one of my favorite things to do...

as well as swimming in a nice salt water pool with my nieces!

arizona heat

Btw, I had a moment with brown hair;)

open desert road

Nothing beats an open desert road!

cabazon dinosaurs spell designs

I finally was a tourist and stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs.

My husband, Bff, and my friend, Scott went on a one night adventure to Heart Bar.

Jason and I went for our anniversary for 4 days, but I was a bad blogger and never posted it!

It is near Big Bear, CA ♥

heart bar campground

Heart Bar Campground.... I LOVE YOU!

Tracie Pennypacker

Working on improving my selfies lol.

heart bar campground

One night is all you need for us!

We sang and cracked up all night:)

blue moon

It was also a blue moon!

heart bar campground

I want to be there with these peeps right now:(

Tracie Pennypacker

Another Tracie Pennypacker selfie hahahaha... and just like that we had to leave.

big bear ca

Jason and I drove a different way and got to view the otherside of Big bear lake:)


Next blog to come....

AW2015 inspiration!!!!


July 21, 2015
Crochet Beaded Bohemian Body Chains!!


Crochet Body Chains?!


LoveIt's crochet beaded body chains are all one-of-a-kind

and handmade by me, Tracie Pennypacker.

I searched the world for the coolest vintage crochet appliques,

rare vintage beads, and old antique charms...

to make these unique bohemian style body chains.

beaded turquoise body chain

This beaded turquoise body chain was inspired by the "Dove of the Desert," aka "San Xavier."

San Xavier is a mission in the middle of the desert in Tucson, AZ.

It has influenced my designs for years!

I love anything Southwestern :)

I found this crochet applique in Israel, and found it perfect for that boho vibe.

Chunky genuine turquoise that I purchased in Tucson, itself...

1990's southwest concho charms...

vintage crucifix...

howling wolf charm from the 70's,

and SO much more...

you will fall in love with this piece!

hippie body chain burning man

This body chain is perfect for Burning Man!

My inspiration was 1960's hippies...

traveling in their AirStreams...

wearing flowers in their hair.

Hence, it's name, "Earth Spirit."

It has turquoise, vintage glass beads,

and amazing 1960's flower charms on the back!

These body chains have a lot of love in them :)

I hope you Love them back!

till next time...

(which hopefully won't be as long as last time!!!!)




May 4, 2015

Just in case you want to head down memory lane...

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till next time ♥


April 29, 2015
Get Ready for Summer!


Get ready for summer with these unique bohemian jewelry designs!

Our SS2015 Collection has all you need for your summer jewelry essentials...

whether you are heading out on the open road, traveling overseas, or just enjoying summer festivals...

there is the perfect piece waiting for you ♥

tribal bohemian necklace

This tribal, bohemian necklace looks great alone or layered with your favorites.

southwestern bohemian earrings

These southwestern bohemian earrings are perfect for the Wild West.

vintage coin boot chain charm bracelet

This vintage coin boot chain doubles as an ankle bracelet or charm bracelet!

ancient coin bohemian necklace

This bohemian necklace is one of my favorites!  Pearls, titanium quartz, and an ancient Spanish coin!


till next time...


April 13, 2015
Go tribal

Most of you know it's that time of year....


Just last weekend, Coachella kicked off it's first weekend for fashionistas.

I didn't make it this time,


I designed my SS2015 collection to live it for me:)

I mixed tribal elements with a variety of semi-precious stones

to make necklaces that are easy to move in, and easy to layer with your faves.

I chose stones that give a nice, peaceful energy...

and mixed them with these outstanding handmade nomadic and tribal pieces.

bohemian tribal kuchi pendant kyanite necklace

1960's vintage Kuchi pendant with kyanite boho necklace.

Kyanite is a calming stone and if worn helps with communication...

especially while trying to handle disputes.

bohemian pearl crystal necklace

Aquamarine, crystal, and freshwater pearls necklace.

This piece has a mermaid feel to it.

It's visually inspiring.


I seriously just looked up the meaning of aquamarine, and it was called the stone of the mermaids!!!!

Sailors would carry it or wear it for a symbol of protection.

It is a good stone to be worn by anyone that is a public speaker,

as it helps the speaker find the truth in their words.

nomadic beaded bracelet kuchi coins

Beaded nomadic bracelet with kuchi coins.

I am addicted to these magical bracelets!

They were worn by the Kutch tribe of India.

They date 1960's-70's and you can see the age in the piece,

but it does not affect the true beauty.

This particular bracelet can be worn on wrist or ankle,

depending on the wearer's size:)

nomad pompom necklace boho

Boho nomad pompom necklace.

I am addicted to these pompoms!

Dated from the 1960's-1970's,

these were part of the bracelet above,

and were handmade by tribal people from India.


Hope you are enjoying my SS2015 collection as much as I did making it♥


till next time



April 10, 2015
My 1st Custom Wedding Jewelry back in 2012


Custom wedding jewelry makes that special day, even more special!

Back in 2012, I was contacted by a friend, if I could make her a custom wedding necklace and custom wedding earrings to match.

At that time, I had only met her a couple of times, while visiting Ohio.

She was very precise about what she wanted, and even sketched something out!

She sent me little trinkets {to use} that had sentimental value, and items that belonged to her Grandma.

Of course, I said YES...

but having it be my first custom wedding jewelry...

I was more then afraid!

Most of you that know my work, also know that I very rarely do delicate pieces...

and that is Exactly what she wanted.

So after a couple of weeks, I was able to send some pics to her..

and she LOVED the custom wedding jewelry I had made her ♥


Thank Goodness...


custom wedding jewelry

The beautiful bride wearing her custom wedding jewelry ♥

custom bridal jewelry

The gorgeous couple:)

personalized wedding jewelry

This one is my favorite!

personalized bridal jewelry

Designing custom bridal jewelry is so much fun!

It makes me smile to see my designs with such monumental dresses ♥♥♥


For your custom bridal jewelry or any other custom jewelry design...


till next time


April 7, 2015
Custom Jewelry NOW Available for EVERYONE!!!

I have been designing custom jewelry designs since 2011,

mostly for friends, loyal customers, and family.


I have opened it up for anyone wanting to get their hands on that personalized custom jewelry piece!!!

I design and create everything I make...

like a true artist...

it is made by one person... me.

Using only vintage materials, I aim to make that special piece...

even THAT much more special ♥

I have successfully conquered making custom bridal jewelry for multiple brides...

custom fitted body chains...

custom jewelry for Proms...

and much more!

My photos of these pieces are not the best...

as I took them just for myself, however, you can still appreciate the beauty of an artist's rendition of a creation/thought in someone's mind/heart ♥

custom bridal jewelry personalized wedding earrings

Custom rhinestone bridal earrings, made with vintage Swarovski crystals.

These were one of my favorite to create!

I did not know the bride, as she was a friend of a friend...

but we ended up connecting after these were created!

She had loved them so much, she asked me to make a matching bracelet:)

custom made body chain

Custom made body chain.

This was a fun piece to make!

I had met a couple at a local art show, and they wanted a custom bodychain.

It was such an awesome challenge, as I made it to fit exact.

custom made earrings personalized jewelry

Custom made, personalized healing energy earrings.

These were a custom order from a friend, who is also a regular shopper:)

She wanted some malachite earrings, so after asking a few questions,

I came up with these!

Copper intensifies any stones properties.

custom bracelet for a man

Custom bracelet for a man made using repurposed and vintage materials.

I met an artist, and he requested I make him a couple bracelets...

after figuring out what he wanted, I made this one...

as well as a braided leather bracelet..

and an antique coin bracelet...

he loved them all and ended up purchasing all three.

Upon seeing the bracelet above, a regular of mine requested something similar!

(Come on.... I only do one-of-a-kinds lol... but it was similar!)

custom made personalized charm bracelet trinkets

Custom personalized charm bracelet.

I love making personalized charm necklaces and bracelets using other people's personal trinkets...


this one was made to resemble my personal favorite bracelet I had made for myself,

because a customer loved it so much...

and I was like, "NO, this IS MINE!!!..."

So I attempted to make one similar which is impossible considering I only use vintage materials:)

Don't tell her this...

but I am thinking we could trade...

because I LOVE this one!!!

For your own custom jewelry contact Tracie at or go to

 More fun blogs to come on custom jewelry designs!

stay tuned.


till next time


April 1, 2015
SS2015 has LANDED!


SS2015 California Dreaming

Throw on some bohemian jewels... hop in a convertible...

and get on the open road.

bohemian jewelry designer Tracie Pennypacker.

I wanted this collection to be timeless....

pieces you will wear forever.

lily pads and koi fish pond

I am addicted to layering necklaces right now...

I wanted this collection to reflect that.

bohemian crystal necklaces

This collection was inspired by CA daytrips.  Here is a large aquamarine necklace that has the spirit of the ocean.

artistic inspiration tribal

I am always a sucker for an old rusty fence!

single beaded bohemian earring

I can't make a collection without a little dose of color.

This single earring is the only accessory you will need for a daytrip!


There is a lot more of SS2015 to come!!!

Hope you LOVE the start.

Thank you all for your support♥

till next time




March 24, 2015
New Collection Coming Soon!

We always do things differently here at LoveIt ♥

New collections come when the inspirations a flowing...

and it hasn't been!!!

UNTIL....  now!

Here is a glimpse of what's to come:)

large bohemian locket necklace silver gemstone

This large vintage locket was such a find!  It was paired with labradorite and chyrophase.

vintage clock necklace

This vintage clock necklace is the jam!

Does it work?

Who knows.

This gal is not one to follow time....

Perfect mix of jasper and titanium quartz ♥

Sterling silver and turquoise necklace

This sterling silver and turquoise necklace is the perfect accessory for your next roadtrip!


There are a lot more pieces to come!!!

This one woman show needs to get the show on the road.

Don't worry...

I will make sure she makes them even while she's sleeping:)


but a lot of the new collection has already sold...


have to make sure to hide it in LoveItLand next time.


till next time!



March 23, 2015
Getting Ready for FESTIVAL SEASON!


Festival season is right around the corner!~

We have been searching the globe, trying to find the best vintage clothing

and old stock materials for our jewelry line, LoveIt ♥

Here is the perfect outfit for Coachella!

coachella fashion 2015

A vintage bodysuit is the perfect festival piece to have!

Multiple ways to layer it and wear it.  We styled the adorable striped bodysuit with this tribal printed  lightweight vintage skirt....

topping it off with a versatile belt, wide-brimmed hat, and tribal bohemian necklace.

bohemian vintage maxi dress festival wear

This 1970's floral maxi is perfect for when the sun goes down at Coachella...

the desert nights can be cold!

Paired with a wide-brimmed vintage hat and a boho faux claw necklace.

vintage festival jacket 1970s patchwork

The perfect festival coat for the desert!

Already has that worn-in look that we all love ♥

vintage harley tank eagle print

This vintage Harley Davidson tank not only has the perfect print, but it has open airy sides too!

We paired with a vintage cotton printed skirt, large statement ring with GIANT animal, and a dog tag ID bracelet.

burning man dress 1960s psychedelic print

We found the PERFECT dress for Burning Man 2015!!!

This 1960's psychedelic printed fleece dress is seriously MIND blowing!!!

We paired it with a metallic vintage scarf (used as a belt), some funky round purple shades, and a vintage feather headband.

vintage floral bohemian festival dress

Last but not least we have this gorgeous vintage floral maxi dress perfect for Coachella ♥

Paired with a handmade floral crown, this outfit will be your favorite for festival season!

Have fun and remember that water is your BFF:)



till next time





March 2, 2015
Fairytales DO Come True


I have been SUPER failing on blogging lately!!!!!

Have been busy working on SS2015,

and haven't been taking as many random fun pics as per usual.

So here are some from Valentine's Day ♥

It was such an amazing day!!!!

Mimosas with my hubby and one of my BFFs... then we attempted to go to the Queen Mary,

but there was a Scottish Festival going on so we decided to wait another day...

then we ended up seeing some amazing horses...

so we went to say hello ♥

mimosa sundays

We started the day with some mimosas:)

Tracie Pennypacker

Making friends.

bohemian jewelry designer

I am a double horse sign... I have always been drawn to them♥

Tracie Pennypacker

Tracie Pennypacker

Tracie Pennypacker and husband

Me and my hubby ♥


Paul always has a way of making me laugh:)

friends queen mary

The Queen Mary is directly behind us.

my husbands

My husbands:)


Famous Sagittarians.

Tracie Pennypacker

till next time!


January 14, 2015
Items to CHERISH forever ♥


We all have those pieces that we never want to part with...

the ones that make us feel amazing...

vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind jewelry

make us stand out from the crowd...

you can ALMOST guarantee that nobody else will be rocking what you have on...

and THAT is what makes it so damn special.

You can find all of the items below on our Etsy.

crochet body chain by loveitjewelry

This is a one-of-a-kind crochet body chain by LoveIt Jewelry ♥

judith ann silk dress

Stunning Judith Ann vintage silk dress.  Very boho.  Very chic.

sheer beaded DKNY vintage top

This sheer, beaded DKNY top is perfectly 90's... and perfectly hip right now.

neon colored floral vintage dress

This bright, neon, floral print vintage dress is perfect for a tropical vacation!

body chain festival fashion

This lace body chain is the perfect accessory all year long... especially perfect for festivals.

classic vintage missoni sweater

This is a classic vintage Missoni sweater!  Super soft and extra cozy.

vintage cadoro bracelet vintage crochet top

Rare vintage Cadoro bracelet pairs deliciously with a vintage crochet top and LoveIt nomadic pom pom necklace!

LoveIt Jewelry boho nomadic pom pom necklace

Here is a close-up of the vintage tribal, nomadic pom pom necklace from the Kutch tribe of India.

vintage Marni top champagne

Vintage Marni blouse in the most delightful champagne color!


There are many more vintage and jewelry items listed...

and much more to come!

STAY TUNED for LoveIt's SS2015 Collection ♥♥♥

till then


January 6, 2015
The End of the Year

adorable kittens

So I have been really bad at blogging lately...

but can you blaim me...

I have these baby faces always wanting my attention:)

jewelry display

I have also been doing a lot more art shows thanks to my friend, Summer :)

If you are local (Los Angeles area), you should follow my Instagram @loveitjewelry

to find out when I am doing the next shows!

I always have major discounts ♥

ohio star ball 2014

Pennypacker sisters watching the Ohio Star Ball 2014 ♥

This was my 4th year going!

floor seats at the ohio star ball 2014

First time attending Ohio Star Ball with cameras rolling though!

snow downtown columbus

I got some snow while in downtown Columbus, Ohio!

Tracie Pennypacker

Enjoying some champagne in the hotel room.

Pennypacker sisters

Enjoying one of our favorite cocktails at Martini's Columbus, Ohio.

Tracie Pennypacker

Selfie in the hotel room.

Tracie Pennypacker of LoveIt Jewelry

Another selfie while walking across the fun crossway of the Hilton.

my brothers

Got to hang out with both my brothers!  Which is always a rarity.

my ohio friends

Caught up with my Ohio friends!

Tracie Pennypacker and Sarah Zimmerman

For some reason my new phone kept putting pics sideways that night...

Tracie Pennypacker

till next time...

I promise not to have it be an entire two months again...



LoveItShop Blog

May 14, 2014

I work my butt off to bring you the best selection of jewelry...

that NOBODY else will be wearing ♥

This is part numero 2 of my SS2014 Collection...

I hope you will LoveIt as much as I do:)

silver concho boho southwestern necklace

I about died when I found these vintage silver concho pendants!!!

They embody the mood I was going for...

this talisman necklace, "Arizona" is part of my "message in a bottle" collection.

I wanted you to be able to place whatever you wanted inside the bottles...

whether goals/wishes...

or special memories.

green calcite necklace

I am so in love with green calcite!

This green calcite necklace will help you during times of transition in your life.

Also, it is known to bring good fortune to those who wear it.

I am also in love with elephants.

They are such compassionate, understanding creatures...

who have so much love for their families.

This healing energy necklace is named "Clear Heart"

and for good reason:)

quartz crystal charm necklace

This healing charm necklace is one of my favorites.

"Unearthed Treasures" is indeed just that... (!!!)

items that were excavated from San Pedro, CA.

I actually saw pictures and spoke with the guy who unearthed them.

I had been purchasing antique bottles from him for some time now...

and was excited he had other magical treasures for me to buy.

turquoise handpainted southwestern earrings

These amazing boho, southwestern earrings will become your new favorite!

"Maricopa," are made using genuine turquoise, vintage tassels, and handpainted Peruvian ceramic beads.

I love earrings that make me want to dance in the desert...

and these fit the bill!!!





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January 8, 2014
Getting Ready

Getting ready to embark on another Tucson trip...

here are some pictures from pass ventures.

Wish I could have dug up more, but I have limited time!






Tucson won't be the same this time though...
as my Grandpa-in-law passed away this past holiday season.
The memorial is being held this Saturday.

He is the reason I went so often...
his smile and laughter was infectious.

Over the last few years, many other family members have moved there...
so it remains a place filled with love ♥

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December 12, 2013
Second attempt
amazing wine and amazing friends

j alexanders time

From left: Casey, Jim, Jade (just met!), Anne (my sister), Marty (known since I was 16),
Julie (known for 7 or 8 yrs?!), Chuck, Colin (my brother), and Sharrie (known since 4th gr).

our album cover

how we have fun

hipster hat

flying the friendly skies

Ok... I am not going to give up!
You wonder why I never blog... lol...
because it is a test of my patience!!!

So I guess the pics want to be on top...
ok then....
so they will all be the reverse order I wanted them in...

so the bottom one is us on our huge Delta plane... in the last seat...
which is pretty awesome if you've never tried it!!!!

The next one is me in a silly hipster hat...
I think I can actually pull it off:)

then.. it's my extended family... Sarah (known for 4 yrs but feels like longer... she's adorable!).... Jim (known since I was 18), and Casey (known since I was 4).

Sorry about the messed up blog...
but I am posting it anyways...
because I have no patience or time for this dumb soholaunch...
to try to work lol.

till next time!

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November 12, 2013

I am behind on my blog, I know!

My husband and I decided to take a last minute roadtrip...
back in October...
which turned out to be an overnight trip:)

It was our first time to Joshua Tree...
and we knew the park was closed due to the government shutdown...
but that didn't stop us from going!

gypset bracelet

Still no Tucson, but we met some of the greatest people out there!

We even found one of my favorite beers to cheers with ♥
Yummy... Mexican food + desert = perfection.

carta blanca beer time

I met this lovely lady, Anne, working at her vintage/antique shop in Yucca Valley.
I bought a bracelet and she gave me a chair for free for helping her to use the square for the 1st time.
She recently lost her husband...
who happens to be in the picture with us if you take a look to the right of the picture....

desert dwellers

We decided we should take some pictures before the sun went down!
Sadly, these were all the pics we got bc we were too hungover to be inspired the following day.

bohemian jewelry designer

joshua tree

boho jewelry gypset

I am wearing "Dark Star... will Rise"

joshua tree national park

I didn't edit any of these!!!!

Tracie Pennypacker

Joshua Tree ♥

pictures of joshua tree

love in the desert

gypset jewelry inspiration

bohemian jewelry inspirations

feather dress in the desert

bright gypsy flowers

My feet got chopped off lol.

wanderlust in joshua tree

First official roadtrip in the new car.
So nice to have backseats!!!!

My next travel plans... Ohio Star Ball... leaving sat!!!


till next time...

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October 10, 2013
FW 2013 Collection♥

FW 2013 Collection

Inspired from 1960s & 1970s freespirits that set the trends for decades to come...
they embraced diversity and freedom to wear whatever they wanted...
if they wanted to wear anything at all...

Our original location was rebirthed...
because we got the boot...
but EVERYTHING happens for a reason... right?


I wanted this collection to be worn layered with other pieces...
sort of piled on...
like you couldn't decide what to choose...
so you chose everything!

You know that certain quote...
from that certain someone...
{I know you have...}
where you look in the mirror...
and remove one item???

Yeah... well...
I have NEVER listened to that!!!

shoulder duster earring

Ashley is wearing "The Mastermind" earring.

bohemian jewelry trends

"Map It" and "Ceremonial Reasons" necklaces.

now this is a statement necklace


I made this one years ago...
but it was just meant to be included in this collection...
yeah, I am strange like that.

"Wise Wisdom" necklace with "Wild Thing" ring {as seen in detail below.}

large animal ring

gypset style

"Dark Star... will Rise" necklace and "Endangered" ring... as seen in detail below.

boho tribal style

handcrafted brass necklace

Ashley is wearing a 14k gold and sterling silver wrapped fossil pendant called, "Fawn," along with "Morro Bay."

10 commandments bracelet

"Come Again" bracelet is designed using vintage Ten Commandment charms....
that I mixed in with vintage trinkets... to tell my story of the set of rules....
it is freakin' amazing...
and I really WANT it.

This is why the selection of bracelets is always so small, they stay on my wrists!!!!!!!!

angelic floral headpiece

"Mystical Fruition" took forever to make!
The turquoise and vintage flowers compliment one another very well!
I took single flowers and wrapped them individually to the chain.
The look turned out perfect....
very delicate, yet intricate.

the best headpiece ever

this is the BEST HEADPIECE EVER!!!!
I actually was sort of frightened when I was making it...
sort of thinking I had lost my mind!
However, that is when miracles happen ♥

"Desert Sunrise" is constructed using reclaimed vintage glittering things...
with a magical leaf pendant...

"Second Chance" is an incredible necklace that has natural aragonite.
I put it alongside some vintage 1970s copper chains...
it is truly an energy piece.

gypset boho style

I just thought this pic and the next one were so adorable...
I had to include them!

true laughter


genuine turquoise boho ring

"Jerome" is inspired by the colors and feel of the old western city.
A fabulous destination of mine, located in AZ.
It is an old mining area... with a lot of local art... and heart ♥

The chunk of turquoise in this ring is incredible!

tribal eclectic necklace

"Like Minds" is another necklace from the archives...
this one was probably created in '07.

I have kept it hidden bc I find it's creation to be hysterical.
I used to be a stoner, and well...
I had dropped a bunch of beads on the floor...
and decided I was going to challenge myself to create a necklace using all the pieces...
and *poof*.... this happened.

"Mesa" ring is such a beautiful shade of turquoise...
it has a hidden secret...
tons of raw copper and pyrite...
just below the turquoise!

colorful boho necklace with tassel

"Mystical Goddess" necklace was one of those designs that practically designed itself... lol.
I just pulled out the items that were "speaking" to me...
threw them in a pile...
and went for it!

Then, I had to keep tweaking it...
so it layed perfectly.

It literally took FOREVER!
I like the narrowness of it...
it wants to be seen.

super chill headpiece

"Silo" headpiece and "Golden Child" necklace.

I am really obsessed with this necklace as it represents my entire collection....
an offbeat boho/glamour vibe of 70s meets 90s...

large gold cross necklace

This necklace was almost renamed... "Hypnotized by Jesus..."
but I still liked it's original name..."Element."

I love this necklace too, as it was sort of the foundation of my collection.
A tribal, golden feeling of layering and piling on!

Hope you enjoyed the journey through FW 2013 Collection!

Till next time♥

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September 10, 2013
Fall 2013 Inspiration
A lot goes into making my collections. 
Every season I find new inspirations from a million different sources.

When I first discovered Sky Ferriera's "Everything is Embarrassing" video...
fall of 2012...
I was instantly obsessed!

Her style and attitude...
what is there not to love?

Susan Bottomly's 1960's style is amazing!
Those earrings are to die for...
and well...
you might be seeing some boldness in this upcoming collection!

Sky Ferriera

jewelry inspiration
inspiration for fall

sky ferriera

fashion inspiration

hair inspiration

design inspiration

susan bottomly

international velvet


amazing rings

Stay tuned for this collection.... it's going to be wacky!

till next time...

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August 26, 2013
Featured in Stardust Magazine

LoveIt was featured in Stardust Magazine's Issue 4 "Tonic"
Photographed by: Justin-Julius Santos
Styled by: Sienna Kay

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Lexi is wearing "CA Circles" and "Spherical Orb" rings.

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Allison is wearing "Song of Lovers" necklace.

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Lexi is wearing "Dream Golden" cuff bracelet and "Double Crossed" brooch.
Allison is wearing "The Baby" and "Fruity" ring.

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Lexi is wearing "Ancient Soul" necklace and "Minnie" ring (on left hand).
Allison is wearing "Empathetic Journey."

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Lexi is wearing the  "Perception" bracelet with "Captivate Me" and "Created Equal" brooches.

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Allison is wearing "Jazz Hound" bracelet.

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Lexi is wearing "The Gamble."

LoveIt Jewelry featured in Stardust Magazine

Allison is wearing "Rustic Harvest" necklace.

Till next time!

* If you are interested in purchasing any of the items shown, that are not on the site, let us know!

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August 20, 2013

Inspirations from Z!nk Summer 2013

jewelry designers inspirations

jewelry designers inspirations

jewelry designers inspirations

jewelry designers inspirations

till next time...

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August 9, 2013
Puppy Love

We were all hanging out for Chuck's bday...
it was getting late...
so we were saying our goodbyes...

But someone wanted to say hello!
This lil guy was sitting outside the gate...
whining at us to let him in!!!,

pitbull puppy

I am in love with pitbulls.
They have the best personalities EVER... and really get a bad rep for nothing.
They are mostly snugglers.
We had him for a little less then a week...
and totally fell in love with him.

It was one of the hardest decisions... whether to keep him or not.

He even got along with my cats... licking them on the face!

This is him seeing himself for the first time!

pitbull pup

Look at that face!!!

He knew that I wasn't his Mommy :(

pitbull puppy

I can't believe someone just ditched this $600 pitbull puppy!!!!
His belly was full when he got here....
overly full... like someone wanted to fill him up before leaving.

We looked to see if there was anyone looking for him...
but Alfredo was... and he was there that night the pup came...
he wanted him that night, but we decided to keep him and look for possibly an owner.

So it was fate...
this pitbull pup knew who he belonged to... and just showed up outside the gate!

sleeping pitbull puppy

Funny that this is now the second year a puppy needs me to find it a home.
Last year, it was Bentley (scroll to right side to see the post from JULY 2012)... this year it was this lil pup!

I am sort of loving being a Godmother to these lil guys!


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July 25, 2013
now and forever...

inspirations... Number 27

jewelry designer inspirations

jewelry designer inspirations

I love the space-age meets medieval... omg!

The next series are very whimsical....


whimsical jewelry designs

whimsical jewelry designs

then the typical LoveIt boho jewelry...

what messed up collection am I going to come up with this coming season....

boho jewelry

you'll have to stay tuned to find out!!!


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July 5, 2013
inspirations for the bohemian traveler in all of us....
Wish I can say the airplants still look this gorgeous after being in my dashboard...
but they sort of lost their luster from being fried:(
I am no good at succulents either.
Think I should stick with tropicals!

boho gypsy travel

After Cambria, we made our way towards the Hearst Castle.
We saw these beautiful outcasts across from the ocean.

bohemian jewelry inspiration

The Hearst Castle and zebras... yup... CA for ya!

bohemian jewelry inspiration

boho traveling gypsy

bohemian jewelry inspiration

Better watch out, lil guy!
This hawk was flying right above him in San Simeon.

boho jewelry inspiration

bohemian jewelry inspiration for LoveIt

LoveIt jewelry inspired by nature

bohemian travels

We stopped and had lunch after the curvy roads of Big Sur...
what a magical view!

traveling bohemian jewelry designer

just a single red rose...
signs of love kept popping up everywhere!

symbol of love

Such a flower child...
drinking a Stella in a field of flowers...
overlooking the great Pacific ocean!

boho traveler drinking stella in flowers

10yrs ago...
I was the luckiest girl in the world!

bohemian jewelry designer's anniversary

Right in front of our cabin...
yet another symbol of love ♥♥♥

another symbol of love

till next time!

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June 27, 2013
love actually

Here starts the first evening of our magical journey...
in the heart of SLO...
where the frogs sang out a brilliant song...
as we sipped on the most "intoxicating" of drinks ♥

Tracie Pennypacker

the hubby

Tracie Pennypacker

Tracie tipsy

The next morning... we left our little B&B... for our next destination... wherever the road takes us...

The Garden Inn in SLO

The Garden Inn was a magical place ♥

Getting caught-up in all the fun!

Tracie Pennypacker

LoveItJewelry's headpieces are perfect for wind blown hair!!!

Plus, they aren't made with toxic glue... ewwww.

Tracie Pennypacker

You know you want one:)

Shop here.

Tracie Pennypacker

More to come!


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June 25, 2013
Cachuma Lake

Tracie Pennypacker

Cachuma Lake

Tracie Pennypacker

Cachuma Lake

Tracie Pennypacker

Tracie Pennypacker designer of LoveItJewelry

Tracie Pennypacker

Cachuma Lake was very magical!

It is a manmade lake, but still a sight to see:)

Till next time!

xoxo ♥


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June 24, 2013
blissful love

10 years ago... I finally got to marry my love, Jason ♥

For those of you that don't know the story...

here is the super quick modified version.

We met briefly when I was 16...

he came to visit with his friend, Chris, whom was interested in my sister.

She had invited them to her 19 b-day party, after meeting them at a bar.

They not only came to my Grandma's house for cake...

but also went to the hotel party and then crashed at my parents house that night!

3 yrs later.. in '98...

my sister is still in contact with Chris, even though he moved from MI to AZ... (we lived in OH)

she goes to visit and then insists I will fall in love with Jason.

We quit our jobs, pack my miata... and drive to AZ to visit.

We stay for 2 weeks.

During those 2 weeks I discovered what it felt like to have a soulmate.

We cried.  We laughed.  We floated.

I left... and was devastated I couldn't just stay forever in that blissful state.

Years go by... I write a million love letters (which we still have!!!)

Rack up $1000+ in long distance phone bills (I understand a lot of you will have no clue on this one, lol)

One sad day... he calls me and tells me to stop writing and calling... his girlfriend READ my last letter...

WHAT?!  You butt... you let someone read my feelings?!

So... I let him go.

I move to CA in '99, after being invited by Chris's twin sister (who I only met once before my move)... who also happened to date Jason!

and before I even knew where I was living... (I had just picked up my apt key!)

honk honk... omg it's Jason right next to me on Sunset Blvd.

So needless to say... over the next few years we would run into each other...

and also stalked each other's frequent haunts, works, and neighborhoods...

until our worlds were literally thrown together...

and we got engaged 2 months after dating and living together.

Now 12 years together :)


So here is the beginning of our 10 year anniversary roadtrip!

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June 10, 2013
Serenity ♥


We love those moments that make us feel far away from reality... whatever that reality is.

When we realize that nothing "truly matters..."

we breath...

isn't that enough?

tracie pennypacker in free people dress

Dreaming puts us into a new reality...

one that our mind's eye decided it wanted to create.

We celebrate that moment...

then decide we will make this dream a new reality.

maritza morales for loveit jewelry

What is reality really?

Is it the fact that I am me?

You are you?

Who are we really?!

Tracie Pennypacker

We exist.

There is no question about that.

vanity youth

We are connected.

No matter how different we are.

tracie pennypacker

Koi fish or human...

we remain connected.

We breath..

therefore we are similar.

Maritza Morales Vanity Youth

The human mind consumes the planet.


Making us all want a certain reality.

We all want to be "something..."

Instead of just being...

Maritza Morales

It's when we make reality ours...

and realize reality is a frame in our minds...

when we are set free....

Tracie Pennypacker's reality

Never stop dreaming.

Never stop altering reality.


Till next time!




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